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Shaughnessy Place - HVAC Upgrade Projects

    Shaughnessy Place Boiler Plant after Piping Modifications and New Controls Controls and Electrical Panels before Retrofit Controls and Electrical Panels after Retrofit New Duty HW Pump and Variable Speed Drive (Single drive with DPDT Switch to reduce cost)

Client: Condex Property Management
Venue: Shaughnessy Place - VR 368
Year: 2008-2015
Type: Multi-Unit Residential

E-Factor has been supporting this 70 Suite High-End Condominium Complex in Shaughnessy since 2007. Our involvement began with an HVAC investigation. After completing an Energy Savings review and applying for incentives from Natural Resources Canada ecoEnergy program in 2008, we designed a new Building Automation systems for the Boiler Plant and common area ventilation equipment to allow remote access capability for troubleshooting and programming. Additional projects completed at Shaughnessy Place include:

  • Installation of variable flow (variable speed) system for hot water distribution with new pumps;

  • Design and modification of boiler pumping and piping systems;

  • Parking garage Exhaust System upgrades and operational review;

  • Support for Troubleshooting, Programming and Plant optimization;

  • Design and Project Management for chimney venting system upgrades;

A new project was completed in October 2015 to replace the boilers with condensing boilers. See 2016 Project for information.