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Backflow Prevention

Type: Fire Suppression

Backflow Prevention

Design of the backflow prevention system to meet cross connection control requirements, as per NFPA 13,

Hydraulic calculations are run to assess whether the existing fire protection system will still be able to provide enough pressure to meet NFPA 13 requirements, after the DCVA (Double Check Valve Assembly) installation.

  • 1436 Harwood - 9 stories building. The existing fire protection system consists of fire hose cabinets, wet sprinkler system with fire pump and dry system for parkade.
  • 1575 Beach Avenue - 14 stories building from 1965.
  • 2045 Barclay Street - 5 stories building from 1957.
  • 147 East Pender Street – multi stories building downtown Vancouver.
  • 1865 Barclay Street - 10 stories building from 1967.
  • 1540 Davie Street - multi stories building downtown Vancouver.