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Aquarius Mews - Parkade Heat Reclaim Project

    Fan Cooled Condensers
Client: Rancho Management
Venue: Aquarius Mews Towers - Yaletown, Vancouver
Year: 2015
Type: Multi-Unit Residential

A feasibility study was done of the parkade in this facility to find ways to reduce heating loads causing high temperatures year round. The main heat generating equipment in the parkade includes six systems which contribute about 50% of heat added to the parkade. 

A comprehensive plan was created to redirect the heat from the major condensers in the parkade to central locations using a Fluid Cooler and remote water cooled refrigeration condensers. This was determined as the best method to resolve the high temperature issues. In addition, the improved operating conditions were found to have several benefits including reduced energy used by HVAC, reduced energy for refrigeration and air conditioning units (total estimated at over 500,000 kWh), reduced maintenance of refrigeration and other HVAC equipment, and improved customer comfort.