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Shaughnessy Place - High Efficiency Boiler Upgrades

    New Viessmann Vitocrossal 200-620 New Boilers with Common venting arrangement Common Venting System New Plate and frame heat exchangers for near instantaneous DHW supply Boilers Piping Arrangement

Client: Condex Property Management
Venue: Shaughnessy Place - Vancouver
Year: 2015
Type: Multi-Unit Residential

In 2015, we designed and implemented  upgrades to the boiler plant with new Veismann 2,245 MBH condensing boilers and renewed the Domestic Hot Water system with new plate and frame heat exchangers. The new condensing boilers installation is one of the few projects in British Columbia with a BCSA approved common venting system.  Project received a Fortis Boiler Program incentive.  The existing 350 Gallon Domestic Hot Water tanks were retained and relined with new concrete liners and anodes by Provincial Tank and Chapman Burner.

Installation work was done by RAM Mechanical and Controls sub contracted by Control Solutions.  Changes to the plant were made, and are ongoing, to accommodate lower boiler supply and return water temperatures in order to increase boiler efficiency.   Control valves serving the DHW heat exchangers were converted from 3-way to 2-way valves to reduce pumping and bypass of hot supply water.