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Jack Bell Chilled Water Interconnect Project

    New variable speed drive for Interconnect loop pump New interconnect-piping risers routed up outside wall through soffit to roof. Rooftop piping installation while under construction Tie in to mechanical room chilled water piping.

Client: Vancouver Coastal Health
Venue: Jack Bell Research Building and Robert Ho Addition
Year: 2013
Type: Health Care

Design and project management of an interconnect between the existing VGH Jack Bell Research building and the new Robert Ho Building addition. 

The piping project involves the installation of 50 m of 100 mm supply and return piping installed outdoors with Heat Trace. The resulting interconnect provides redundancy for the site by linking two chilled water plants and it also allowed for the decommissioning of a 150 Ton absorption chiller that was high in maintenance costs and up to 10 times the energy use of the electric chillers.

Acknowledgements to VGH staff and to Daryl Evans Mechanical for their assistance with the project.