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Air Canada - Hangar Heating and Control Upgrades

    Winnipeg Air Canada Hangar 2 Air Canada Toronto Base - 11 hangar bays View from the Catwalk Calgary Hangar 101 SupraSchwank High-Intensity Infrared Heaters at Hangar doors 25 m height. Unit Heater Control Valve Replacements

Client: Air Canada
Venue: Canadian Bases
Year: 2006 - 2020
Type: Commercial/Industrial

YWG (Winnipeg) Hangar Heating Plant and Control System Upgrades (2017/20)

This project involved the completion of a feasibility study for upgrades to the aircraft hangar heating and HVAC systems.   E-Factor worked with Manitoba Hydro to obtain study funding and potential incentives of 25% of project costs for condensing boiler upgrades, variable flow distribution pumping, and retrofits to 24 - 2000 MBH hangar unit heater control valves and optimization of control sequences.   Construction work for DDC Upgrades and hangar heater valves completed in 2019.  Boiler plant upgrade project was completed in 2022 with installation of 3 - 6,000 MBH condensing Viessmann boilers.

YYZ (Toronto) Hangar DDC Upgrades

In 2009 E-Factor was engaged to oversee the installation of a new DDC Control system for the Air Canada Hangars in Toronto Pearson Airport. System included new controls added to Hangars Bays 1 thru 8 and mainly controlled the many large gas-fired unit heaters used to heat the hangars as well as the steam boilers, and other HVAC systems serving the hangars.   

Installed system is a Niagara based Lynxspring JeneSys based and was installed and managed by Black & Macdonald and SC Automation in Montreal. 

YYC (Calgary)  Hangar 101 Heating

E-Factor implemented a major controls and heating system upgrade in Hangar 101 for Air Canada in Calgary. E-Factor acted as a sub-consultant to Prism Engineering Ltd. (Burnaby BC) and was the lead project design engineer. The 55,000 square foot hangar received a new combined medium and high intensity infrared heating system with 58 SupraSchwank units. The entire 220,000 square foot line maintenance aircraft hangar and operations facility was also upgraded with a new Building Automation System (BAS) to replace the 1980 vintage controls.

This installation, along with revisions to the control strategies was projected to save Air Canada over $100,000 in annual energy costs. Controls selected for this project are provided by Reliable Controls Ltd. and installed by Control Solutions in Calgary.