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Schools District 35 - Continuous Optimization and Power Factor Correction

    Picture from School Website Capacitor Banks

Client: Langley Schools District #35
Venue: Walnut Grove High School
Year: 2011; 2014
Type: Institutional

 SD35 Walnut Grove High School C Op

E-Factor performed an Optimization project at Walnut Grove Secondary, the largest High School in the Langley School District. We worked closely with energy management and maintenance staff to add control sequences and trim existing schedules to save and estimated 8% of electrical and fuel consumption for the  facility, which was already very low energy. E-Factor completed the project including 4 quarterly Coaching Sessions to review the installed conservation measures.

Power Factor Correction

Subsequent to the Optimization project SD35 hired E-Factor to help resolve a low Power factor problem which resulted in a $9,000 annual penalty. E-Factor analyzed the related electrical active and reactive power and designed and specified a low cost solution with a combination of fixed and variable (DDC controlled) capacitor banks. The payback for the project including engineering is less that 3 years.

Thank you to SD35 Debbie Sansome and Robert Mainville, and to Grant Leese of VIE Industrial Electrical  for their assistance with this challenging but successful project.