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E-Factor Engineering designs and implements energy-efficient mechanical systems in buildings. Since our 2005 incorporation, we have completed hundreds of Mechanical HVAC, Controls, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Lighting, and Power Factor Correction projects in new and retrofit applications. Our services include full design from concept through construction, commissioning, documentation, and post-project services.  We deliver fully commissioned systems to ensure efficient, safe, and continuous operation.

Our diverse portfolio of engineering design projects includes nearly every type of facitlity and their processes.  In addition to project design services, E-Factor has developed a proprietary accounting and reporting database 'E-Tracker' using SQL Server and MS Access for utility energy and water monitoring and tracking.  We currently monitor over 1000 utility accounts and provide remote desktop service to customers for analyzing and reporting corporate energy use.   The system is also linked to our Energy Audit database which allows us to manage calculations and costing for energy studies.

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