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City of Richmond - Watermania Aquatic Facility - Energy Efficiency Projects

    Viessmann CA3 3500 installed at Watermania (from CIPHEX trade show Vancouver)

Client: City of Richmond BC
Venue: Watermania
Year: 2015-2017
Type: Government, Commercial/Industrial

Watermania is a large aquatic facility operated by the City of Richmond BC, at 14300 Entertainment Blvd.  In 2015, E-Factor completed a Fortis Commercial Custom Design study which identified energy and operational retrofits that would reduce fuel use and optimize the operation of an existing heat recovery chiller used for reclaimed heating use.

This complex site offered many challenges and opportunities for optimizing fuel use and reducing greenhouse gases.   As a result of the study, and on  further review of design and operation, conservation measures were selected including the replacement of one of the large non-condensing units with a condensing boiler and converting the plant from constant to variable water flow to ensure operation at best efficiency.   The new boiler, Vitocrossal CA-3 3500 MBH, was recently introduced by Viessmann Mfg in 2016.

To further reduce fuel use, the Heat Recovery chiller plant is being optimized through increased use for pool heating.  A new heat exchanger was also installed to heat the large Wave Pool with reclaimed heat. The expected fuel reductions are 6,000 GJ/yr.