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Vancouver General Hospital & Lions Gate Hospital - Hybrid Heat Recovery System

    VGH Banfield Pavilion - Heat Recovery Heat Pump System Banfield Aerial View of Heat Recovery Piping (Google Maps) Banfield - Piping Installed External to building to minimize disruptions Lions Gate - Heat Recovery Heat Pumps - During Construction Lion's Gate - Heat Recovery Coils replaced existing steam coils for Hybrid system Lion's Gate - Heat Recovery Coils Exhaust Plenum Lion's Gate Hospital - Rooftop Coils Lions Gate - Glycol Piping Run on Roof to Exhaust Fans

Client: VCHA
Venue: Vancouver General Hospital & Lions Gate Hospital
Year: 2011-2013
Type: Health Care, Government, Institutional

Vancouver General Hospital Hybrid Heat Recovery System

As part of efforts by the Ministry of Health to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency, E-Factor was commissioned to design and later manage a project to provide heat recovery using water to water heat pumps and to replace a steam preheat system. This 43,000 CFM 100% outdoor air ventilation system (2 AHU systems) had steam usage reduced to about 35% of original. The performance of the heat pump recovery system is measured at higher than 600% (COP = 6.0) with heat pumps operating at full capacity. The heat pumps used have a very low energy use per kW of heating output compared to others on the market. The heat pump diverts up to 750,000 BTU/hr of steam heat in winter. In summer the system is also able to provide up to 50 Ton (600,000 BTU/hr) of cooling which was not available in this building before and has provided a more comfortable environment for the occupants and staff. 


Lions Gate Hospital Hybrid Heat Recovery System

Designed and implemented a hybrid heat pump heat recovery for a 25,000 CFM operating suite air handling system. Hybrid system uses a steam heat exchanger in combination with heat pumps in the same heating coil to save cost and pressure drop. Project was completed in spring 2011 with estimated energy savings of 3500 GJ/yr steam.