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Parkade Lighting Upgrade Project

    Electricity Metering over construction period for Parkade lighting upgrade Ballasts to be recycled from Parkade Upgrade

Client: Vancouver General Hospital
Venue: VGH Parkade
Year: 2010
Type: Health Care

As part of Vancouver Coastal Health energy conservation efforts in 2009 it was determined that significant potential existed for energy reductions in the VGH Parkade on 12th Avenue and Laurel St. in Vancouver. With the efforts of VCHA, VGH, E-Factor, and Quantum Lighting  a lighting project was developed that reduced energy from 1,000,000 kWh per year down to 400,000 kWh per year. The chart shows power metering of the parkade over the installation period and proves the savings as power demand dropped sharply. 

The retrofit from two lamp T12 34 Watt fixtures, to single lamp T8 28 Watt using vapour proof fixtures resulted in instant savings with almost no reduction in light levels. Also fixtures on perimeters and roof level were placed on photcells which were previously lit continuously.    

Thanks to VCHA, Quantum Lighting, and MDE Electrical for their work on this project.