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2121 Alma Street Near Condensing Boiler Retrofit

    2121 Alma Street Old 2000 MBH Boiler New 1000 MBH EVO-1000 Near Condensing Boiler

Client: Manfinac Enterprises, Ltd
Venue: Alma Street
Year: 2007
Type: Multi-Unit Residential

One of our first boiler retrofit projects as E-Factor Engineering,  this involved adding a new Evolution (Thermal Solutions) 1,000 MBH near-condensing boiler and decommissioning the existing Bryan 2,000 MBH boiler. The building is a 40 suite residential high rise at Alma Street near 4th Avenue in Vancouver BC.   

Among the key challenges for this project were getting the new venting to the roof eight stories above the mechanical room, isolating the existing boiler, and getting the work completed in time for winter!  The boiler has now been in operation for over eight years.

Thanks to Pro-Air Systems,  Davidson Bros Plumbing, Emona Sales for the supply and installation, and of course building manager Ramon Calina for her help and patience.