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Vancouver Lower Mainland Hospitals - Continuous Optimization Projects

    Vancouver General Hospital - Jim Pattison Pavilion South Tower UBC Hospital Acute Care - Boiler Plant Pipe Freezing of 200 mm Chilled Water Line for in service valve installation at VGH. Installation of New 200 mm Control Valve after pipe freezing operation New 25 hp VFD Chilled Water Distribution Pump at VGH JP North

Client: Lower Mainland Facilties Management
Venue: Various Sites
Year: 2009-2015
Type: Health Care

E-Factor Engineering has many health care sites enrolled in the BC Hydro Continuous Optimization (C Op) program.  The C Op program is designed to optimize building operation for energy efficiency by retro-recommissioing (RCx) the mechanical HVAC and lighting systems using existing building automation systems.  Once an RCx Investigation is completed, quick financial payback projects are selected and implemented.  Some measures require only enabling a building air handler schedule that was overridden due to a special event or a "too hot" call and left for weeks or sometimes years.   Other measures require elaborate reprogramming and new controls or speed drives.

These are very challenging projects and E-Factor has analyzed hundreds of HVAC systems in over 400,000 sq. m of hospital buildings in the Lower Mainland and Coastal BC.  These buildings, especially Vancouver General Hospital, had thousands of sensors and control devices, most of which we analyzed for potential energy savings and optimized operation using advanced data analysis techniques developed in-house for this purpose. 

The fuel and electrical energy savings from these projects is in the order of 20 GWh per year.

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